WordPress troubles

Okay after installing a WAMP stack I noticed the first problems:

my site would go offline with the message:

Error establishing a database connection

When I would do something with the site like installing new plugins it would suddenly go offline, be offline for like 10 minutes and come back on after a while.

Mysql seemed to be crashed but starting it would not make it magically work.

The more I logged on and did stuff to fix it, the longer it went offline

logs are located in /var/log/mysql

It is wise just to search for the word ERROR.

Initializing buffer pool, total size = 128M
[ERROR] cannot allocate memory for the buffer pool

I am just running out of memory, that is why me consuming memory with my actions did a bad job. Mysql would keep trying to restart until it worked.

Now reading a little more into it it seems like mysql allocates 128M of RAM, but does not use it all, you could lower it, but I don’t think that will do any good.

My virtual private server counting in at 1 vcpu and 512 MB of RAM is just underpowered.

I now run at 2 vcpu and 2GB of RAM, not had a problem since

As a second thought I am thinking about scaling down my images to the smallest size possible using some loss full compression.

You have to also have at least a few high res images to build your site I think.

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