errors in pxe boot

For the “new” esxi 6.5 we need a new automated way of deploying host

We always use PXE and TFTP for our staging

We had the idea of using UEFI boot, because we are still running on legacy bios.

PXE will try to do a DHCP lease on every NIC and point 1 to the PXE server.

This is the TFTP server I used in my home lab: tftpd32

We network booted the blade and PXE was launched and it started to install ESXI

But after a while it threw this error:

error lsu_lsi_.v00 and the Fatal error 19 timeout

looking into the log of the TFTP server there is a timeout waiting for ACK block

Peer returns ERROR <User aborted the transfer> -> aborting transfer [14/08 14:28:08.025]

Connection received from (server ip filtered) on port 1390 [14/08 14:28:08.025]

Read request for file <EFI/IMAGES/201807_01/scsi_lib.v00>. Mode octet [14/08 14:28:08.025]

Using local port 53074 [14/08 14:28:08.026]

TIMEOUT waiting for Ack block #15  [14/08 14:28:23.029]

Solution I found but I still don’t really understand was to limit the local ports used for TFTP

I limited the local ports for 53015-5350 and it worked and booted further.

tftpd64 settings:

extra notes

I also noticed that changing the anticipation window could impact the speed of your staging -> read more here

why you should probably also go to UEFI -> read more here

VMware documentation of how to set up PXE:

  1. Install the TFTP Server
  2. Configure the Auto Deploy and TFTP
  3. Installing ESXi Using PXE

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